What is LifeStyle Design?


Before the internet and before the shift that has taken place over the last 40 years, the world of work and life was very different for most people.  Assuming you worked hard and had a skill or a profession you would probably work a good 40 years, possibly in the same  place, retire (with the famous gold watch!) then live out a few remaining years on a perfectly passable pension.

But everything has changed.  It’s highly unlikely now people stay at the same place for more than a few years at most – some new graduates look at moving every year or two – and in any case considerably greater flexibility means that more people move more often, companies change their directions faster, and new types of business and work are being created fast.  The ideas that people can now get rich and famous from their hobbies, that Virtual Assistants can work from anywhere, that products can be bought and sold without ever touching them have fundamentally changed how we can earn money and where and how we live.

Increasingly people are asking if they want a “job” as most people define the idea of exchanging time for money, usually in a single place of work.  Increasingly it’s possible to live in different countries whilst funding travel from an internet based service.  Or having a more conventional employment but using the power of the internet to source cheaper deals and ways of living.

The brilliant and fascinating opportunity facing us all is that we can start to design how we want our lifestyle to be.  And it’s a brilliant and egalitarian opportunity because in this new economy all of us, at whatever age and stage in our lives, can take a look at what we don’t like, or what we want to improve, and go ahead and make changes.  It was always possible to do this of course, but the internet and mobile technology just makes it so much easier for most of us.

Am really keen that Lifestyle Design will mean different things for different people.  Whilst for someone in their 20’s it could mean designing a whole way to make money, travel, live and thrive, for someone in their forties who is largely happy where they live and with whom, it might be about freeing up some time, or extra money.  Equally someone in their 60s may be wanting to travel across Europe, and just doesn’t want to get on a coach with lots of other similar aged people.

The point is that Lifestyle Design will vary, depending on where you are in your life right now, what’s working for you, and what you want instead.  This Hub is a place where you can get ideas, inspiration and instructions to do and be more.

I want to help you to live a free and extraordinary life under your total control.  Do you want to contribute to the Hub?

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