The joys … of gardening!

When I was in my twenties, I used to love drinking, doing no exercise whatsoever and generally living the single life. As you will know if you are any older than 35, or you will soon start to realise if you’re younger, during this age your body and mind is incredibly resilient. You can do what you want (well – within reason!) and its often difficult to find any negative outcomes.

I remember then with my first house hating the idea of anything gardening related. It felt like a waste of time. Like I was filling hours I could be doing something more enjoyable and useful.

Ive moved a few times since then, and I now have a large area of mixed formal gardens,wildlife area, water features and open land. And because when I bought this house the garden area was in pretty poor repair, having been ignored for years, clearly, I’ve had to spend a lot of time outside recently. That time has helped me re-think my beliefs about gardening – its such a positive activity and ‘Im now aware of quite how much is adds to your health and well being.

Whatever your age, and size of garden – from acres and acres, to a couple of small pots on a window sill – gardening is the way to go, for all of these reasons.

  1. Most gardening is outside, or at least needing some outdoors air through the window. Many of us are stuck indoors in our air conditioned, heat controlled environments way too much.
  2. When you garden, you move, lift, dig and work. You use your whole body. People spend a lot of money in gyms to do whole body exercises like this.
  3. You are actually making, or improving, or growing something. That feels so amazing its hard to put into words. Again, many of us spend our lives doing “digital” stuff. This feels like the work for which we evolved!
  4. Starting with any space – from a single pot to an acre of field – which is overgrown and filled with weeds, clearing it, and re-planting with something new is one of those moments of achievement.
  5. When you garden, your mind is free to wander. I love solving issues when I work, but its just as lovely to listen to music, listen to nothing or just “be yourself” as you work.
  6. It feels good to “re-connect”. Whether we choose to be part of it or not, nature continues with life, day in, day out. Being part of that is great for the soul!
  7. Its also a little humbling. Without over-stating this, an understanding that your little part in life really is, well, little, is no bad thing for anyone.
  8. Feel like a thwarted designer? Get designing your garden.
  9. Care for something live and growing.
  10. Garden attracts other life like bees and birds. They are great for the environment, they look beautiful, and they make lovely sounds as they go about their day.

Ive worked out many of my most powerful deals and presentations when I’ve been gardening. However you look at it – the arguments are compelling.

Look – I know this post is possibly the most hippy – tree huggy I’ve ever written, but if you have any access to any garden space and you’ve never really thought about it – give it a go.

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